Plug the Tub
Jim has spoken in front of thousands of people on his book "Plug the Tub" Plug the tub is a refreshing new way to look at the behaviors we use that may either motivate or demoralize. The key is that you cannot motivate if someone is demoralized.

There are many ahha moments in this keynote presentation. Great for leadership groups, educators or anyone in authority.

Your "Plug the Tub" keynote presentation was well received by our conference participants, with such comments as:
"Enthusiastic!", "Held my attention the entire session", "Good information presented in an engaging way", "Funny", "Humorous"
Ingrid Norrish (IMPAC Co-Chair)

Motivational College Speaker

Author of "Plug the Tub"

The main topics are:
Why are you here - Communication - Aggressive and Assertive - Attitude and Recognition - Get to know your team
Integrity - Rules of Discipline
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Career Development
We all have heard people say that when they find a job they love it seems like you have never worked a day in your life. Jim Jordan will expolore the importance of transferable skills, asking questions and how to stay on top by being habitually proficient.
Plug the Tub
Author of "Plug the Tub" Jim speaks on the #1 secret to motivation. Fresh new content and a must for anyone in authority or anyone in a leadership role. Highly entertaining and extremly educational
With magic , audience participation and a real motivational impact is what makes Jim Jordan the right choice to start off any convention or conference.
We all understand the importance of leadership but Jim Jordan will take your students on an adventure that will be eye opening when they understand that you cannot lead if your demoralizing.
Bullying on Campus
Many people feel bullying only happens in elementary school. That understanding is completly wrong. Jim Jordan president of will enlighten your students or dorm leaders on what bullying is and how to become proactive.
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Motivational college speaker, voted best entertainer 12 years in a row