College Conference Speaker Jim Jordan
It's so important to start your conference off with a "BANG". Conference speaker, author and entertainer Jim Jordan will make your next conference one to remember. Jim has been mentored by one of Canada's leading business minds. (Fred Wyeld).
With magic, audience participation and fresh new content makes Jim's motivational talk one to either start off your conference in style or end your conference on a high note.

Motivational College Speaker

Motivational Conference Speaker

Motivational College Speaker Jim Jordan 1-866-333-4553
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed today's speaker Jim Jordan. The occasion was pure pleasure, and I believe very effective. I love how he managed to customize it to The Centre and promote The Centre, without it sounding like a commercial. I was very impressed. Everyone around me agreed that he gave an exceptional presentation. I would absolutely love to hear his presentation on The Principals of Motivating.
Thank you so very much,

Hellen Recoskie Employment Counsellor Job Opportunities for Youth
Career Development
We all have heard people say that when they find a job they love it seems like you have never worked a day in your life. Jim Jordan will expolore the importance of transferable skills, asking questions and how to stay on top by being habitually proficient.
Plug the Tub
Author of "Plug the Tub" Jim speaks on the #1 secret to motivation. Fresh new content and a must for anyone in authority or anyone in a leadership role. Highly entertaining and extremly educational
With magic , audience participation and a real motivational impact is what makes Jim Jordan the right choice to start off any convention or conference.
We all understand the importance of leadership but Jim Jordan will take your students on an adventure that will be eye opening when they understand that you cannot lead if your demoralizing.
Bullying on Campus
Many people feel bullying only happens in elementary school. That understanding is completly wrong. Jim Jordan president of will enlighten your students or dorm leaders on what bullying is and how to become proactive.
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About Jim Jordan
Motivational college speaker, voted best entertainer 12 years in a row